Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just a quickie

I stumbled upon a fantastic quote today at Ambrosia and Nectar (whose pork belly and baked beans is probably going to end up on my table sometime this week, assuming I don't get preemptively lynched for using tomato in a baked bean recipe in Boston. I'm hoping they'll make allowances, me being Not From Here and all. Or maybe I should play it safe and make a traditional recipe. Play it safe, or be bold?)

Anyway, here's the quote:
"luxuriating over the chopping board and stove each night"

I shivered when I read that. It is EXACTLY how I feel about cooking: something to luxuriate in. Not a chore, not a hobby, not even a sport (and trust me, there are plenty of competitive cooks out there). A part of a beautiful life, both in process and product.

Now off to buy some beans...